Deck Maintenance Tips For Fall

As summer comes to an end within these next few weeks it is important to remember that just because you won’t be out on your deck as often during the fall months, you shouldn’t leave it neglected. When you keep proper care of your outdoor deck you will not only be able to extend it’s life, but also keep it in top shape for when you return to it for daily use next spring. Here a few helpful deck maintenance tips for the fall season that will keep your outdoor space looking healthy.

Make Sure Your Wood Deck is Waterproof
Wood decks are constant victims of moisture damage. And while we highly suggest installing Gossen’s low- maintenance PVC decking, if you do happen to have wood ensure that you frequently seal throughout the fall season. You know when you need another seal when water no longer beads above the deck surface, and instead gets absorbed into the boards. If you are confused on what type of seal works best with your surface, contact your contractor or check with a credible home improvement store.

If You Have a PVC Deck, Hose It!
PVC decks are popular because they do not involve any sealing, painting, or staining that wood boards must go through. However, it does require a simple power wash with soap at least once a year. We suggest doing it in the fall because a deck compiles grease and other substances from outdoor summer use that could become permanent if not attended to. In addition to get rid of small dust, spills, smudges, or any other general messes, mix a mild bleach/water solution and wipe it clean with a soft cloth.

Get Those Leaves Off Your Deck
While it is impossible to prevent falling leaves, pines, and acorns from landing on your deck, you should however, not let them sit there for a long period of time. Bits of these plant matters can easily get wedged in between deck boards, which cause long-term decay over time. Also, by raking on a frequent basis you can stop piles of nature from congesting your outdoor space, so you can still make it an operational living area during the fall season.

Be Mindful with Fall Decorations
While Gossen encourages you to decorate your deck for holidays and celebrations, it is important to not leave them neglected. A decoration such as a pumpkin for Halloween, while a great fall fixture, can also harm your deck if it becomes to rot and create moisture and residue that stains the surface of the boards. By keeping a mindful eye to compostable objects, you can easily avoid this common problem.

To read more helpful deck maintenance tips for the fall season click HERE.

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Tips For Developing Your Outdoor Landscape

This summer, when redesigning a landscape for your outdoor space it is important that you do your research before hand. While many people tend to go straight to their home gardening store to browse planting selections, a proper preparation will save you both time and money when executing the project. The following are a few tips that will sure to help when you start to develop your backyard landscaping.

Know Your Space
When thinking about what kind of plants you want to inhabit your lawn, think about your region’s climate, topography of your area, and the type of soil you plan on using. When planting, realize that you are more than likely to create a microclimate. This essentially develops different zones such as full sun, shade, partial shade, and deep shade. Certain landscaping can prevent you from spending money on expensive awnings or umbrellas so, make sure you plan accordingly. Also ensure that your topography of your space will keep your plants thriving, as water should flow away from your house.

Who’s Using Your Yard?
Before heading to buy any plants it is important to ask yourself who is planning to use your space. Do you have children? Pets? Entertainment? By figuring out how the space will be utilize you can properly plan to decide how much green space will be needed, if any, to meet your needs.

Not only should you ask who’s planning on using your yard, but who is going to have to maintain it. Be honest with yourself with how many hours you want to devote a week to your landscape. By determining this question it will help ensure your lawn remains healthy and beautiful for years to come.

Think of The Theme
With a selection of different plants that almost seems endless, deciding on a theme before you start planting will assist in your efforts to create a space that is all-around cohesive. Themes can simply mean purchasing plants with similar shapes or forms for your yard. If you are having trouble deciding on a theme, you should start with the architecture of your home. By selecting landscape that compliments the style of your house it will create a feeling that your yard is mealy an extension of your current indoor living space.

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Before Building a Fence

Whether you are hiring a contractor, or doing a DIY project, constructing an outdoor fence is a big project that will have a substantial impact on the overall appearance of your outdoor space. Before putting the first board into the ground, here are some things to think about before you start building your fence that will sure help to make the process as painless as possible.

Know What You Want
One simple question to ask before starting the project is asking yourself why you need the fence. If it’s for, let say, keeping a dog inside the backyard, you can most likely get a simple chain-linked fence. However, if your purpose is for security or to block noise then you would want to get something that is taller and made of a thicker material.  There are a number of different kinds of fences on the market today, so finding out what your needs are will be a great starting point on finding that right match.

Choosing The Right Materials
While you may want that white picket fence when constructing an outdoor space, you should know the pros and cons of the materials you decide to pick from. For instance, wood ends up requiring a substantial amount of maintenance as it needs staining and sealing overtime and may be a victim of rotting. We suggest that if you are looking for low maintenance, try options such as PVC or vinyl that will require less lifetime upkeep.

Researching Town Restrictions
Before you go purchasing any materials it is important to ensure you are not breaking any local laws. Converse with homeowners or neighborhood associations pertaining to the rules around fencing heights, look, and materials. From what side the fence has to be facing, to how far it can be from the sidewalk, these are critical facts you must know before building.

Dressing It Up
After the last board gets planted into the ground, the last job for you to do is decide on the finishing touches. Depending on the style of your home, you may want to paint it a certain color or plant a particular plant to help bring warmth to your outdoor space. By dressing up your fence you be able to ensure that it becomes connected to the rest of your space so that family and guests can feel comfortable in your home’s outdoor area.

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4 Reasons To Add an Outdoor Kitchen To Your Deck

Outdoor Kitchens are often times an amenity in which owners often don’t pull the trigger on because of the price tag associated with it. But more often then not, backyard kitchens add great overall value to a home and are worth the initial cost of installing it. The following are 4 reasons why you should think about adding an outdoor kitchen to your Gossen deck!

Great Way to EntertainOutdoor Kitchen
It’s one of the main reasons why most homeowners decide to install a patio kitchen in the first place, to entertain! Nearly everyone loves to converse by the grill to see what’s cooking, and having an outside cooking space allows the guests to spend time with the host in one central location. Furthermore, when adding patio furniture it’ll create an atmosphere that will feel welcoming to all guests.

Adds Value to Your Home
Although they can be pricey, outdoor kitchens are great investments. In fact, they have a high return rate when it comes time to asses the value of your home. Most deck kitchens are built with stainless steel so they are made to be durable and withstand the different weather climates so you do not need to worry about expensive long-term upkeep or replacements.

Makes Cooking Easier
Have you ever made a dish that left odors lingering in your home? Cooking outside eliminates this problem altogether. Also, most outdoor kitchen sets come equipped with refrigerators, side burners, ice-makers, and other components so you are able to save valuable time from making trips in and out of your house.

Extends the Living Space
If you find yourself cramped in your home’s kitchen during holidays, parties, and other events, then outdoor kitchens are the perfect solution to the problem. They can add substantial square footage to your home and reduce clutter that often happens during large get-togethers.  Additionally, when you add a roof or canapé overhead it allows you to use the kitchen even during not-so-ideal weather.

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Steps To Take Before Buying Deck Furniture

Arguably one of the most important and essential components to any outdoor living area is the furniture you choose. The pieces you pick can ultimately determine the overall atmosphere and tone of the space, which is important to think about before inviting guests over for summer get-togethers. We realize that there is an abundance of furniture-shopping choices out there, so we have outlined a few important steps to take before purchasing.

Establish a Budget
First things first you should establish a budget. While that imported crafted-made lounge chair may look nice next to your pool, you have to make sure you it does not break the bank and that you have enough funds to furnish the rest of your space. The constantly growing furniture options have now made it easy for shoppers to purchase items they don’t need. So make sure before stepping into any online or retail store you make a list of the kind of furniture you truly need to complete your outdoor space. This will ensure you stay on budget by avoiding impulse buys. Furthermore, with the development of online retail, staying on budget is now easier than ever by having the capability to price-compare different competitors on the spot and choosing the option that fits within your price range.

Determine a Style
One of the biggest pitfalls of furniture buying is purchasing pieces that are not complimentary of each other. Do your research by looking through magazines, websites, and social media, in order to find out what type of style you want your living area to have. Keep in mind that an outdoor space is an extension to your house, so the overall personality and décor of the spaces should flow into each other.  In other words, you may think that modern-metal, sharp edged chair looks sleek, but if you decorate with country/barn decor, odds are it will not look good in your living area. By doing the proper research before hand, you will have a better knowledge of what you are looking for when shifting through the endless options of patio furniture.

Purchase with Guarantee
Outdoor living spaces go through the wear and tear the changing seasons bring, such as snow, rain, sleet, wind, UV exposure and more. This can cause long-term damage to almost any piece that you end up purchasing. To avoid any financial loss that may occur from throwing away broken or impaired furniture, we highly encourage you to purchase with a guarantee. Some stores will give their own customer warranties when you buy an item from them. This warranty, whether it be from the furniture company or the retail shop itself, will allow you to file a claim for damaged pieces and protect you from financial losses.

Do you have any additional steps that should be on this list? Let us know on Twitter or Facebook by using #GossenSummer! And be sure to check out creative furniture ideas by heading to our Pinterest page!

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