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Noise Reduction in Your Outdoor Living Space

One thing that can really put a dampener on enjoying your outdoor living space is excessive noise.  Whether from a busy street nearby or from your neighbor’s rock band (seriously, I’ve lived that one), noise pollution can be a major … Continue reading

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Scraps After a Wood or PVC Deck Building Project? Let’s Make Something!

If you’ve recently undertaken a deck-building project, chances are you have some scrap material lying around. So now what? Well, you could just toss it. But that seems like kind of a waste.  Depending on the amount and size of … Continue reading

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Communicating the Benefits of PVC Decks, Trim, and Moulding

If you’re already familiar with alternative building materials, the benefits of PVC decking material is old news (if you’re not, there are plenty of resources on the web, including our blog here!). Those of us tasked with showing it as … Continue reading

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