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Adding Shade to Your Deck

Intense summer sunlight can sometimes put a strain on the enjoyment of your outdoor living space. Not to mention that excessive sunlight can be harmful over time (always wear that sunscreen!). That’s why integrating shade into outdoor living spaces is … Continue reading

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Decks, Stains, and VOCs

Volatile organic compounds, or VOCs, are chemicals that will disperse into the air from solids or liquids at room temperature. This is due to the fact that they have a high vapor pressure. Simply being a VOC does not inherently … Continue reading

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Cellular PVC vs. Composite: What does it mean?

Not everyone truly understands the different types of alternative decking, and the words “composite deck” tend to get thrown around since some of the major players in the industry feature composite decking as their main product line. As a company … Continue reading

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Beyond Just Decking and Moulding

At Gossen, we’ve best known for our cellular PVC decking, porch boards, and exterior moulding. And that’s for a good reason; it’s the core of our business. But what we’re finding is that some people like Gossen’s cellular PVC material … Continue reading

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Grilling Safety

Grilling is a great outdoor activity to enjoy in your outdoor living space (especially a deck!). However, if done improperly, grilling can be potentially dangerous. By following several safety tips, you can make sure that your grilling experience is safe … Continue reading

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