5 Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Gossen Deck

With the Spring Forward time change behind us, great weather is on its way! That means it’s time to open the shed, dust off that patio furniture and get your deck ready for barbeque season. Before you throw your first spring cook-out, make sure you check these five spring cleaning tips off your to do list:london grey decking by gossen

1. Cleaning the deck
Mix a cleaning solution of one part bleach to five parts water. Wash the deck with that solution. You can use a simple household mop. Stay away from using scrubbers with sharp bristles; these could scratch the surface of your deck.

Rinse your deck with a power washer, hose or bucket of water.

For greenest practices, use chlorine free bleach.

2. Scratches
If you find any surface scratches after the snow thaws, dab a bit of Soft Scrub with bleach cleanser onto a soft, damp cloth, and then gently wipe away the scratch.

3. Spills
When it comes to grease, grime and oil, spray on Krud Kutter and scrub with a soft, damp cloth. It’s non-toxic and biodegradable, so it’s safe for your deck and the surrounding environment!

4. Clean the furniture
Make sure all deck furniture is clean and ready to use. Check the bottoms of all furniture pieces and make sure they have a scratch resistance buffer in-between the furniture itself and your Gossen deck. The felt/rubber pieces can often fall off in-between seasons.

5. Check electrical/hazardous areas
When the snow thaws we immediately want to fire up the grill, hook up the outdoor stereo and enjoy the outdoors. But, before you do, make sure all electrical outlets & devices, as well as all the grilling equipment is safe and ready to use.

Make sure electrical wiring is secure and has no patches where small critters have bitten through. Also, make sure there are no wires or outlets sitting in a pool of water.

Make sure all propane tanks and gasoline cans are clean and in a safe space.

For more information about cleaning your Gossen deck, head to our website.

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2 Responses to 5 Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Gossen Deck

  1. Kevin says:

    Nick, I have a 1 year old Gossen PVC deck that just survived it’s first Pacific Northwest Winter. There is a slight mold buildup in some areas. Would you recommend the 1:5 bleach solution above for this? Also, the Gossen website shows a picture of someone using what appears to be a shop broom to scrub, but I’m concerned about this method scratching the surface. We have a large deck, so I’m looking for the safest method to do a large area. Thanks, Kevin