Prevent Scratches Before They Happen

A Gossen deck can really transform your patio or deck into an all-family hang out, the neighborhood cook out spot and a place to create life long memories. And picking the right décor lends a helping hand to all of that. However, many prospective deck owners overlook whether or not the furniture and décor they choose will scratch their deck’s surface. All it takes is one sudden chair movement or an unpadded patio table to create a hefty scratch in that beautiful new deck. This blog takes a look at ways to protect your deck from scratches so you and your family can make memories for many years to come, scratch free!

Gossen’s high quality PVC decking features scratch-resistant surface technology with a solid core, but like any surface, it is still possible to scratch a PVC deck when enough friction and pressure are applied. However, a few simple considerations can help ensure that your furniture won’t impact your deck’s surface.

Similar to how you would protect your interior hardwood or laminate flooring, one of the most common ways to protect your deck from furniture scratches is to use nylon feet or nylon pads, also known as glides. Some furniture will already have a form of nylon protection attached during manufacturing, while other furniture will need to have nylon glides attached after purchase. Rubber pads are not recommended since rubber can discolor PVC decking. Glides can be found either online or at a hardware store. Some simply fit over the existing feet of your furniture, while others are attached by tapping the foot glide into the leg tubing at the bottom of the leg with a hammer, after the factory installed foot is removed.

Take a look at the base of your patio table. Is there anything in between the hard plastic or the metal and your gorgeous deck? If not, you should absolutely add some protective padding or lay down a fun outdoor carpet that compliments your home and the rest of your décor. Do the same check for all of your deck décor. You don’t want to get ready for the big block party only to find your grill or deck furniture gouged your deck over the past year. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

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    Thanks for sharing the great tips. It would be helpful for me to protect my deck or patio from being affected from scratches.