Tips For Developing Your Outdoor Landscape

This summer, when redesigning a landscape for your outdoor space it is important that you do your research before hand. While many people tend to go straight to their home gardening store to browse planting selections, a proper preparation will save you both time and money when executing the project. The following are a few tips that will sure to help when you start to develop your backyard landscaping.

Know Your Space
When thinking about what kind of plants you want to inhabit your lawn, think about your region’s climate, topography of your area, and the type of soil you plan on using. When planting, realize that you are more than likely to create a microclimate. This essentially develops different zones such as full sun, shade, partial shade, and deep shade. Certain landscaping can prevent you from spending money on expensive awnings or umbrellas so, make sure you plan accordingly. Also ensure that your topography of your space will keep your plants thriving, as water should flow away from your house.

Who’s Using Your Yard?
Before heading to buy any plants it is important to ask yourself who is planning to use your space. Do you have children? Pets? Entertainment? By figuring out how the space will be utilize you can properly plan to decide how much green space will be needed, if any, to meet your needs.

Not only should you ask who’s planning on using your yard, but who is going to have to maintain it. Be honest with yourself with how many hours you want to devote a week to your landscape. By determining this question it will help ensure your lawn remains healthy and beautiful for years to come.

Think of The Theme
With a selection of different plants that almost seems endless, deciding on a theme before you start planting will assist in your efforts to create a space that is all-around cohesive. Themes can simply mean purchasing plants with similar shapes or forms for your yard. If you are having trouble deciding on a theme, you should start with the architecture of your home. By selecting landscape that compliments the style of your house it will create a feeling that your yard is mealy an extension of your current indoor living space.

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