Deck Maintenance Tips For Fall

As summer comes to an end within these next few weeks it is important to remember that just because you won’t be out on your deck as often during the fall months, you shouldn’t leave it neglected. When you keep proper care of your outdoor deck you will not only be able to extend it’s life, but also keep it in top shape for when you return to it for daily use next spring. Here a few helpful deck maintenance tips for the fall season that will keep your outdoor space looking healthy.

Make Sure Your Wood Deck is Waterproof
Wood decks are constant victims of moisture damage. And while we highly suggest installing Gossen’s low- maintenance PVC decking, if you do happen to have wood ensure that you frequently seal throughout the fall season. You know when you need another seal when water no longer beads above the deck surface, and instead gets absorbed into the boards. If you are confused on what type of seal works best with your surface, contact your contractor or check with a credible home improvement store.

If You Have a PVC Deck, Hose It!
PVC decks are popular because they do not involve any sealing, painting, or staining that wood boards must go through. However, it does require a simple power wash with soap at least once a year. We suggest doing it in the fall because a deck compiles grease and other substances from outdoor summer use that could become permanent if not attended to. In addition to get rid of small dust, spills, smudges, or any other general messes, mix a mild bleach/water solution and wipe it clean with a soft cloth.

Get Those Leaves Off Your Deck
While it is impossible to prevent falling leaves, pines, and acorns from landing on your deck, you should however, not let them sit there for a long period of time. Bits of these plant matters can easily get wedged in between deck boards, which cause long-term decay over time. Also, by raking on a frequent basis you can stop piles of nature from congesting your outdoor space, so you can still make it an operational living area during the fall season.

Be Mindful with Fall Decorations
While Gossen encourages you to decorate your deck for holidays and celebrations, it is important to not leave them neglected. A decoration such as a pumpkin for Halloween, while a great fall fixture, can also harm your deck if it becomes to rot and create moisture and residue that stains the surface of the boards. By keeping a mindful eye to compostable objects, you can easily avoid this common problem.

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