How to melt the snow/ice on deck and deck stairs with items you already have at home

If your deck  or deck stairs become very slippery when the weather is icy or snowy it is possible to use items already in your house to clear the ice and snow. Yours truly is from the Midwest so we usually have a bag of road or rock salt in the shed to take care of ice and snow on the deck.

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snow & ice covered deck stairs

One thing that does work really well is table salt – but it’s expensive. If you’ve got a water softener, and you have the ‘flakes’ for it, that’s even better. Salting works fine with PVC decking material and will not stain or corrode the deck. If you have a wood or composite deck,  salt will age the wood due to the artificial freeze thaw that spreading salt creates. It’s a good idea to also sweep the salt off any deck surface after you’ve melted the ice, since the salt can cause slippage.

A word of warning however – don’t use hot water – as all you’ll do is melt the ice that’s on the deck and make fresh ice as soon as the water freezes again.

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