Gossen PVC Decks FAQ

Gossen Decks FAQ

How is the deck board made?
Gossen Deck & Porch is manufactured with an advanced cellular PVC technology. Our proprietary cellular formula fine-tunes its components for increased performance, durability and strength. To ensure that each board is of uniform quality, the process does not use fillers or inconsistent organic ingredients.

Who makes the deck?
Gossen Deck & Porch is produced by Gossen® Corporation, manufacturing quality building products in the USA for over 84 years. In 1968, we became the first U.S. Company to produce cellular PVC.

Gossen PVC decking cleans easily with water.
Gossen decks clean easily with water.
Does it require maintenance?
Gossen Deck & Porch is designed to be extremely low maintenance. An occasional washing with mild soap and a quick rinse keeps it looking fresh. It does not require harsh chemicals or pressure washing.

Is it slippery?
Gossen Deck & Porch has a beautiful wood-grain surface that is designed to improve wet or dry skid-resistance. It meets or exceeds all ADA requirements. It is important to note that Gossen Deck & Porch does not absorb moisture. Care should be taken to remove standing water or ice for a slip-free surface.

Can I use Gossen products around a pool or hot tub?
Yes! Gossen Deck & Porch is ideal for pool decks, hot tub surrounds, and many other water recreation areas.

Does its color last?
Gossen Decking is engineered with high levels of UV inhibitors and durable pigments. It has excellent color retention and will out-perform traditional wood/plastic composites.

Will it scratch?
Like nearly all building products, Gossen Deck & Porch can be scratched, however it has an extremely hard cellular PVC surface that is scratch resistant. It is designed for busy families. See our page about scratching for more information.

How does it handle stains?
Gossen Deck & Porch is exceptionally stain-resistant. It is resistant to common food and beverage stains. You won't have to live forever with wine, food or grease stains.

Is it hot to walk on?
Gossen Deck & Porch, like all building materials will get warm during hot summer days. However, our engineered reflective technology will reflect heat, keeping it cooler than most traditional composite decking.

Will termites eat it?
Gossen Deck & Porch is resistant to termites or any other wood-eating insects.

Will mold grow on it?
Gossen Deck & Porch's cellular PVC won't let mold or mildew take hold. Spores simply cannot penetrate its hard dense surface.

What colors are available?
Gossen Deck & Porch is available in many attractive accent colors; See our color swatch selection included on each product page for Reàl, Passport, Trailways, Tongue & Groove Porch Board or check out our Color Visualizer.

Gossen PVC decking handle can handle snow and heat.
Gossen decks are designed to withstand the elements.
Can it handle temperature extremes?
Gossen Deck & Porch is designed to handle all temperature ranges. Our product is sold all over the world in varying climates.

Do I need special installation tools?
Gossen Deck & Porch is installed with common woodworking tools. You will need a 100 tooth carbide-tipped saw blade for the best smooth cuts. It cuts like wood and can be fastened using standard deck screws. It won't mushroom or crack if fastened close to the edge, and you never have to predrill. Reference our Deck & Porch installation guide prior to starting.

Will hidden fasteners work?
Gossen Deck & Porch is offered with grooved edges (kerfed edges) for the use of hidden fastener clips. We recommend the use of Grabber Deckmaster G5 Clips and the Mantis Deck Clip System with Gossen's kerfed deck board.

Do you recommend any fasteners?
Gossen Decking has been third-party tested with the following Fastener Systems: Starborn Pro Plug System, Starborn Headcote Stainless Steel Screws, Grabber Deckmaster G5 Clips, and Mantis Deck Clip System.

What joist spacing is required?
Gossen Deck & Porch should be installed 16-inches-on-center for perpendicular residential applications and 12-inches-on-center for commercial projects or 45 degree installs. For greater rigidity, consider closer joist spacing.

What are the board's dimensions?
Gossen Decking offers 1 inch x 5½ inch boards in 12, 16 and 20-foot lengths. It is available kerfed or solid edge. Tongue and Groove Porch Flooring offers 1 inch x 3-1/8 inch boards in 10', 12' and 16' lengths.

Is the deck fire-rated?
Gossen Deck & Porch has a Class "B" fire rating. It is self-extinguishing when the heat source is removed. Gossen Deck & Porch is listed on the California Fire Marshall's website for use in WUI zones.

How long is the warranty?
Gossen Deck & Porch offers a comprehensive Lifetime Warranty to the original owner. It is backed by Gossen®, an 84-year- old, financially-sound innovator in the cellular PVC industry. More details can be found in our Warranty section.

Will PVC decking expand and contract?
Cellular PVC will not expand beyond their original length or cause buckling. Boards will not expand laterally. When properly installed, cellular PVC boards will have minimal contraction. The contraction encountered may result in slight gaps, which might be noticed at the ends of boards or at butt joints. Fastening the deck boards according to Gossen guidelines will help minimize contraction.

What other products does Gossen offer besides PVC decking & porch flooring?
Gossen offers a full line of interior & exterior mouldings, as well as trim boards and garage door weatherstrip.

Where can I buy Gossen Deck & Porch?
Gossen decking, porch flooring and mouldings are available throughout the US, Canada, Australia, and other parts of the world. Use our Where to Buy feature to locate a dealer in your area, email deckpro@gossencorp.com, or call us at 800-558-8984 for all questions regarding your Gossen decking project.